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James O’Neill

Personal: An international life, from NYC to the NJ suburbs; then on to England in 1962; a London convent then 3 years boarding school in Ipswich (starting at 9 years old!); family traveled extensively through Europe in those years – another era actually. Back to the States; brief Marine stint and down to Williamsburg for 11 years; before meeting-to-be Dutch wife on Barbados, 2 years later onto the Netherlands for 28 years. Education? After early schooling in England, quit High School at 17 and joined the Marines; GED, Associate Applied Science Electronic Engineering (AAS EE) Thomas Nelson Community College; BA ICT Webster University, Leiden The Netherlands; MA International Relations Webster University, Leiden, The Netherlands.

Professional: Eleven years at Newport News Shipbuilding starting in the Bull Gang pulling/installing cable to a whistle – one of the hardest jobs at the shipyard. I got into welding for 4 years, attaining pipe and nuclear structural certification and considering underwater welding, got my private pilot certificate. Then I broke my back: no more welding/flying and back to Tech school and further education. In Holland, Sensor, Weapon, and Communication (SEWACO) engineer on Dutch/NATO minehunters; into telecommunication fiber optic system engineering and project implementation across East Europe/Former Soviet Union; SE Asia; Middle East; Africa. Back to the USA; got into drones, 3D modeling and laser scanning for last 6 years.

Nina O’Neill

I have been fortunate to have experienced an international upbringing. I grew up in Europe, lived in Tanzania and for the last 5 years in the United States. My husband and I currently live in Virginia and prepared to go wherever the Navy sends us.

My professional experience has always been hospitality related. From working in Learning & Development and managing events for Deloitte The Netherlands to working at a Forbes Five Star ranch resort in Montana and most recently as a general manager at a hotel in Virginia located on beautiful winery grounds. All these experiences have made me realize one thing: connecting with people, your audience, is the most important aspect to being successful.

With the world constantly changing and evolving Virtual Reality has continued to grow in presence. As an organization it is extremely important to keep up with these changes. Our products and services allow you to do this and position yourself as a tech-forward, adapting, and innovative organization.

With the world constantly changing and evolving virtual reality has continued to grow in presence…

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